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If you’re searching for Austin Tx Real Estate then you might know about one of its many once a year events called SXSW, or South By Southwest. For internet lovers, tech enthusiasts, and pop culture entrepreneurs and savants, South by Southwest’s (SXSW) Interactive, in Austin TX, is the perfect place to get all of your jollies. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be quirky Meet-ups, product showcases, unforgettable parties, interactive installations, and more; this popular conference and festival has something to offer everyone; much like the city of Austin.
When most people talk about SXSWi, the conversation generally revolves around the latest tech trends; which is one of the primary takeaways from this innovative event. However, there’s also the strong presence of niche communities who are packed with passionate individuals who wield tremendous influence on SXSWi. People from all walks of life who love technology e.g. fans of gaming, robots, tacos, cycling, etc. find each other every year on the wonderfully weird streets of Austin. When you step back and think about it, it’s not much of a coincidence, the slogan of this artistic and culturally rich city is “Keep Austin Weird” after all.

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One company that capitalized on the innate eccentricity of Austin and SXSW was Yahoo, who organized morning rooftop reboots during this year’s event. Needless to say, at SXSW, waking up each morning is a worthwhile endeavor. In addition, because the startup culture is crazy about ping pong, there were a number of tournaments throughout the week like UberPong’s mini tournament, SXSW Startup Village’s DraftInvest , and Funny or Die’s Tiny Tennis Tournament.
Another highlight was the Robot Petting Zoo that begged the question, why do you need an animal when you can have a robot? The Robot Zoo amazed event-goers with a plethora of walking, talking and flying robots for SXSW attendees to interact with. This particular event was organized by Utah Nonprofit, Field Innovation Team, in order to display robots that may have the potential to aid in disaster relief in times of crisis.
One of the robots, BlabDroid, has a unique personality and wasn’t afraid to ask humans the tough questions for a documentary filmed by him and his robot crew. Other highlights included Nikko, a mind-controlled monkey drone, DAR-1, a social face-tracking spider, and more.
The event that embodied the spirit of SXSWi the most was SX Create. DIYers, makers, and hackers all converged in on area to check out the weekend long celebrations filled with craft fairs, panes, STEAM meetups, and lots more. Regardless if your interests lie with robots, 3D printing, or the IOT, SX Create had a little something for everyone. Like Austin, SXSW proved to be the perfect place to embrace your artistic, musical, film, and technology interests as well as meet up with others who have similar interests.