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If you are interested in an Austin relocation, you obviously want to know more about some of the most popular neighborhoods that you have already heard about. In truth, there are many Austin neighborhoods that have a storied history, not the least of which is the popular Circle C  ranch in Austin. This is a location that is not far from the Eanes school district in Austin and it has a lot of amenities. If you’re looking for peaceful living, great schools, and prime location, and affordable luxury, Circle C may very well be the place for you.

Circle C Ranch is a location that is conveniently near downtown Austin, specifically located in the southwest part of the city. It is a large community that has essentially come into its own. It first hit the drawing board in approximately 1982 and it was a popular enough idea that the first residential homes started appearing in 1986. Construction was delayed for a time as a huge legal fight started to brew over the idea of developing the area, largely because of the Edwards Aquifer. This is an important source of drinking water located in the area and some people were afraid that development of this particular region could jeopardize its existence. Eventually, agreements were made and today, Circle C has almost 5,000 homes. In addition, the community has its own fire protection as well as a myriad of parks. Other amenities include a golf course, an area to play tennis and two areas for recreational swimming, one of which involves a full size swimming pool that is open year round and heated.

As a close cousin, South Austin is such a unique area that there is something there for every person to enjoy. Since Circle C is located in the area, it provides an opportunity for anyone that lives there to enjoy a life that is more fulfilling and more enriching. As a result, it is easy to understand why so many people make the decision to flock to the area. Circle C is a great place to live and anyone that makes the decision to move there can easily enjoy work and recreational activities without ever having to leave the neighborhood.  There are very few communities of this caliber that offer such a unique lifestyle, but Circle C in South Austin does it quite well.

Everyone has a certain amount of apprehension about relocating to a new area. However, it is easy to understand why so many people are filled with excitement as opposed apprehension when it comes to moving to Austin. Circle C has become a fantastic community to live in and it has essentially grown from little more than a housing subdivision into a community that can practically stand completely on its own two feet. Living there is like living in a small, tight knit community while simultaneously having access to everything that a larger city has to offer. For that reason alone, many people make the decision to relocate to the area. Most of them decide that they will never leave once they get there.