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Living in the Greater Austin area comes with many benefits, especially if you seek the best for your growing children. As a well known and established schooling district, the Eanes Austin School District strives to ensure that children in the Greater Austin area are educated by talented and knowledgeable teachers who are enthusiastic for their job. Every school within the district has been titled as Exemplary by Texas State, the highest honor possible, and since then standards have only continued to rise.


Hundreds of Staff Members Ready to Teach

The Eanes Austin School District employs almost five hundred and sixty excellent and highly qualified staff members across all eleven of its independent schools. With an approximate ratio of 14 students to 1 teacher, the school district maintains a healthy amount of adult presence without overbearing the students. Greater than fifty percent of Eanes educators carry more than eleven years of past teaching experience, and over a third of the staff hold a master’s degree in the very least.


Educating Via the Use of Modern Technology

The firm belief the Eanes Austin School District holds is that of progression. We fully believe that there is no absolute method of educating young and prospering minds. Many techniques and strategies manifest and evolve over time, and by utilizing the best that technology has to offer, we culminate a teaching strategy which is potent, efficient, and enjoyable. In the month of January 2013, a proposition was put forth allowing for tablet devices, namely the iPad Two, to be purchased and distributed amongst the aspiring students. From kindergarten to the twelfth grade, every single student will be able to harness the power of their tablet device, using it in the same manner they would a textbook or notebook.


From Elementary to Secondary

In total, nine prestigious public schools are designated underneath the umbrella that is the Eanes Austin School District. Of our nine schools are six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. This ‘pyramid scheme’ structure allows for proportionate distribution of funds and resources, and with a single high school, the allocation towards preparing the budding minds for a life of post secondary education is simpler and more effective.


Endless Extra Curricular Possibilities

We here at the Eanes Austin School District believe that schools is more than simply attending class, writing tests and assignments, and earning grades. Our district ensures that plenty of extra curricular activities exist for the students, regardless of their age or whether or not they go to an elementary or secondary school. After school opportunities include, but are not limited to: sports teams and physical activity, cultural art, music, computers and various other technologies, and museums.



Moving towards the Greater Auston area will quickly turn into a decision you’ll never regret, notably if you only wish for the best for your children. The Eanes Austin school district serves all students in the area with the best of educators, utilizing state of the art technology and providing countless extra curricular activities.