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When it comes to finding the right place to live, there are few places that have more to offer than Austin, Texas. Personally, I never really thought I could get used to a town in the south because I’m originally from the northeast. I was worried about cultural differences and I definitely was not looking forward to moving to a place that was in such a warm climate. However, my opinion about South Austin, as well as downtown Austin, began to change after my first visit to the area. Ultimately, I discovered that Austin neighborhoods are just as nice as anything that I was used to and I found that the entire area has a certain charm that makes you want to be there, no matter where you are from originally.

Austin Relocation

I was relocating to the area for new position at the company that I work for and I was fortunate enough to get assistance with Austin relocation that made the entire move very easy. I currently live in the Eanes School District Austin and I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy things like Circle C Austin and all of the great things that the entire city has to offer, both professionally and personally.

Great Things About Downtown Austin

The thing that I love about downtown is that there is never a shortage of things to do. There is always an activity of some type that is going on and often there are multiple activities that are going on simultaneously. At first I was worried that the entire downtown area might simply close its doors when work stopped for the day and there would be nothing to do in the evenings, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, downtown Austin has a lot to offer for professionals that are working during the day but it has just as much to offer after businesses close for the day. This makes it a great place to bring work and play together. There are many days that I work in the office and then attend a concert or a show in the evening. In addition, there are are great restaurants and all kinds of shopping that are within walking distance.

Something for Everyone

Austin truly has something for every individual. That is what makes it such a unique place to be. There are not that many places where you can find a great place to work that offers pay that is competitive on a national average and simultaneously be involved with a great artistic community that allows you to expand your horizons on a daily basis. However, Austin is exactly that kind of place and it makes it very interesting to live and work in the area. One of the things I like most about it is that I had always had an interest in playing in a band but I had never had an opportunity to make that dream a reality. After I moved to Austin, I discover that many of the people that I work with actively played in a band and put on shows on a regular basis. I ended up getting to play with them a couple of times and now I do so on a regular basis.

Find Out For Yourself

I’m truly living out my dreams in Austin, Texas. I love the downtown Austin area and the fact that I can work at a great job and make a lot of money and then go enjoy my passion for music and make money at that too makes it the perfect place for me to live. I have even discovered that I don’t miss the northeast as much as I thought I would, largely because I love the area and I am having so much fun with everything I’m doing. I truly came into my own in Austin and I don’t think that would have been possible if I had moved to some other area. It is largely because of all the different things that the city has to offer and the unique vibe that runs through it. Austin is a place where all kinds of different cultures are accepted and people in all walks of life are welcomed with open arms.