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When you are looking for a home environment that accommodates all major provisions, then you should put into consideration Austin neighborhoods. Basic needs (good schools, hospitals), recreational facilities, you name it…can be found in Austin. In addition, there are numerous business opportunities to grab. Austin covers a vast area and it is divided so as to easily identify your position. These different sections have outstanding features that are unique and attractive to suit different preferences.
Are you considering relocating to Austin and its neighborhoods?

Austin has something to offer right about everyone. It is important to look at your preferences against your budget so you can settle down in the right neighborhood and prevent adding on the strain and hassle of adjusting to the new environment. It was challenging and making the right decision took some time but it was worthwhile. The following neighborhoods are of great consideration.
Central downtown Austin

It is in this region that the city goes to live with numerous activities. Recently, downtown central Austin is home to a great number of recreational facilities such as bars and restaurants. If you are also looking for housing options, you are in the right place. You cannot avoid the real estate boom facing condo construction in Austin. The construction of condominiums is making it possible for individuals to get to work, relax and live within the same location. This is simply a simple lifestyle with so much to offer.
South Austin and its Neighborhoods

South Austin seems to have attracted people such as musicians and people who adore and create art. Many term this a high end region and I could not agree more. If you are looking at make an investment, why not purchase a home in this neighborhood. Recently, purchasing a home in this neighborhood requires a lot of funding due to the high home prices. However, if you can afford it, it is worth every penny. What I wouldn’t do to enjoy the serene environment and luxury that comes with it.
It is also in South Austin that you will find Travis Heights neighborhood which is amazing. The key features that will make your stay worthwhile include the rolling hills and a touch of nature that you cannot find elsewhere. Nature has had its way in beautifying this neighborhood. Its landscape is probably the reason why it is the most costly neighborhood in South Austin.
Barton Hills South Austin

Talking of recreational facilities, Barton Hills is home to a ranch and its hills are outstanding. Close by is the Zilker Park which is ideal for family time. It does not stop at this, as I specifically enjoyed the hikes along Barton Creek. This neighborhood is fully equipped to ensure your stay in Austin and its neighborhoods is entertaining.
Circle C Ranch Austin

Circle C in Southwest Austin is a new subdivision which comes with all the possible amenities you can think of. It not only comes with good schools but also with recreational amenities such as a golf course, swimming pools and parks. This neighborhood is gaining popularity thanks to its proximity to Central downtown. In this, you can simply work in downtown and live in Circle C which is relatively affordable as compared to living in the condominiums in downtown.  
Educational Facilities: Eanes School District Austin

This one stop environment addresses the education sector with the Eanes School District in Austin neighboring the Barton Creek. This central region is accessible from a majority of Austin’s neighborhoods. The schools are nine in total including six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The children are taken care of right from the very start.