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South Austin is a great place to live. If you like feeling right at home; in the hippest town on Earth, come right down to South Austin. If you want a nice, place to live where you can spend time with your family in gorgeous, warm weather within approximately 200 miles from a beach; come live here.

What a fun, unique city. But it’s more than that. Austin is an economic powerhouse, bustling with jobs and opportunities. It’s also hilly, lush and green; with a highly educated rate for it’s population, it’s liberal enough for everyone to survive in the south, and it’s way laid-back. Thousands of people are moving to Austin every month- entrepreneurs, college, students, business minded individuals, everyone- even those looking for the ideal place for their families or just to raise kids.

A different mindset

You see, Austin’s different than the rest of Texas. And they pride themselves on it, with the motto being “Keep Austin Weird”. If you’re tired of the agendas of the masses but you want the warmth and sun; there’s absolutely no better place. It’s number one for jobs in America; high paying, quality jobs with an overall low rate of unemployment. Plus, the cost is low. It’s not Houston or Dallas, it’s very, very affordable. Most of the expenses in Austin are housing expenses and rents; but everything else is much cheaper than anywhere else in Texas for things like services, utilities, gasoline, and food.

With an education oriented, liberal mindset, you see great education from Eanes School District, as well as business-friendly taxes and regulations. This makes it the new frontier for the creative class: artists, designers, writers, programmers, musicians, filmmakers, the self employed- everyone lives here.

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Texas Pastimes: Nightlife and Football

You’ll never be bored in Austin. South Austin is famous for it’s nightlife. You can rub elbows with college kids if you want on 6th street; or dress up and sip on cocktails in the prolific Warehouse District; or mingle with the hipsters in East Austin, if that’s your thing. Most importantly is to paint the night from the Rainey Street bar neighborhood before its remodeled into housing developments. After a good night on the town, you can wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning and take a short drive to UT and watch the Longhorns like any good Texan; and a must on the list of things that Austinites must do. If you like basketball, there’s minor league teams as well as baseball and hockey teams in Cedar Park.

Green Space

Another reason people are flocking to Austin is because of all the natural beauty that can be found there.Austin boasts over 19,000 square acres of parkland, and there’s always something to do outside. You can take your dog for a walk, run or bike at the Lady Bird Lake. You could even go swimming at the Barton Creek Greenbelt (pictured above) or Barton Springs! If you were so inclined, you could even water-ski at Pace Bend Park on Travis Lake- Maybe even hike the Bull Creek Greenbelt or rock- climb, go camping, kayaking, paddle-boarding, spelunking… the opportunities are endless!

So come down to Austin, Texas today. Where if you’re not keeping it weird you’re not doing it right. It’s all about atmosphere, and Austin has that in bucketfuls, all it takes is one visit and you’ll be in love. So come on down, take your shoes off and enjoy everything that the south has to offer- and everything it doesn’t too.